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Welcome to Griffin Insurance, LLC dedicated to delivering the finest quality insurance products to safeguard our clients financial security. All of our agents are professionals with many years of insurance experience. We pride ourselves on our reputation and commitment to our clients. We will take the extra steps needed to provide you with the best possible quote, service and comprehensive coverage. Thank you for visiting. We look forward to hearing from you.

Benefits We Provide Directly to You...

Choice: Not all insurance companies are the same in terms of coverage and claims. Our agents usually have a good feel for how companies work and what products they offer.

Save Time: Our agency can give multiple quotes and full explanations to the differences with one phone call.

Get Educated: With the inside knowledge to multiple insurance companies we educate you on the product, coverage, discounts and claims process that meet your needs.

Advocacy: We are unique in that we are agents of multiple Insurance carriers but we are independent business people who know that our relationship with you is the primary asset of our business. We step up to make sure you are treated fairly by your insurance company and we know just who to talk to!

We Know Your Name: When you call you rarely need a policy number. We do business by name and you will typically deal with the same representative each time you need something done.